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Kristech Services Ltd. © April 2000


Standard equipment

- Motorized and controlled head rotation from 0° through 180° (+/-3°

extra stroke)

- "X","Y","Z","C" axes interpolation

- "X","Y","Z","C" "A" axes motorized and controlled, programmable

and visualized on the control panel

- Precision control unit with 17” coloured touch-screen. Programmer for

the for automatic work cycles in manual / semi-automatic / automatic

mode for orthogonal / tilted and curved cutting cycles

- FACILE editor: touch screen interface with coloured icons which

makes every function clear and easy. It offers many user-friendly

features to program and perform multiples and complex cut even with

nesting process.

- Guard disc Ø 500 mm (min. diam. 350 mm)

- Motor power Hp15 / Kw11 (S6)

- NET and USB ports for program up dating

- Electric water valve and water flow meter to control the water supply

- Motorized head inclination adjustable until 90° and visualized on the

touch screen

- Photocell barrier for the delimitation of the work area (CE approved);

- Hot zinc coated structure, frame and table