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Low E Glass, not a problem.

This is the only NO TOUCH support machine on the market.

a thin layer of water keeps the glass from touching the support



Vertigo, a new era in quality glass processing!


Universal vertical working center CN

Vertigo is the only vertical working center performing all kinds of processing with an integrated approach:

√ Total control of processing time and costs;

√ Maximize downtime and material saving;

√ Enhanced operator comfort and safety;

√ It offers full scope for materials kind and sizes.



√ Finish brightness of a straight edger;

√ Squaring accuracy of a double edger;

√ Versatility of a CNC Center;

√ Flawless drilling of a twin counter-heads boring machine.

Today these features are blended in one single machine that re-designs the glass shop working methods:

√ Drastic cut of downtimes and scraps thanks to all tasks performed on one single workstation.


  Vertigo gives you an unparalleled competitive edge by concentrating in one single working program:

√ Cupwheels edging and polishing with fixed and variable angle;

√ Glass sheet squaring;

√ Twin counter-heads drilling;

√ Notches and cut-outs routing;

√ Edging and polishing of shaped elements with peripheral wheels;

√ Arrising.