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TECNIKA is a modern monobloc bridge saw with rotating and tilting head and hot zinc coated frame for an exceptionally long lasting sturdiness and anticorrosion. It features 5 interpolated axes traveling on steel guide-ways with revolving balls and steel bands, also with revolving rollers, protected by bellows and lubricated by a centralized system. The axis movement is powered by a high precision brushless motor. The 0°-90° tilting head and 0°-180° rotation (+/-3° extra ) (+360° optional) ensure an exceptionally productive and versatile machine with the highest degree of comfort for the operator for transverse, longitudinal and curvilinear cutting.

The machine is equipped with a software interface offering smart and intuitive programming by icons as well as a software library with available bi-dimensional artifacts and frames


Tecnika bridge saw



1. Saw
2. CNC center
3. 5 Axis Processing

The cube philosophy, triple benefit from a powerful blend of CNC bridge saw and working center designed to deliver value at its best.

HD Performance

The exclusive solutions designed by Denver to deliver sturdiness and accuracy, low maintenance and high productivity thanks to over 4mt/min cutting speed on 3 cm thick granite slabs.

• Centralized lubrication system
• Fully packed heavy-duty bearings
• Tempered steel guides on beam
• Pre-loaded rack and pinion system, patented
• Linear guides with sliding blocks' recirculation
• Rust-proof advanced treatments.

Rotating head 0-180°/360°opt.

Powered head rotation axis (+/- 3° extra), interpolated with X, Y, C and A axes (when motorized) to allow automatic diagonal cuts at any angle.

Control unit for CNC

Control Unit by OSAI CNC with digital technology for 5 axis driving.

• User friendly software for PC
• Software with icons for straight and diagonal forward and backward cuts with variable depth and speed.
• It allows import of .dxf files.

New software Interface

Smart and intuitive interface programming with icons. Software library available. Includes bi-dimensional artifacts and frames.

Tilting Operating Head opt.

A axis from 0° to 90° continuous and interpolated with X-Y-Z and C axis with automatic position tracking visualized on display. Brushless motor and high precision gear box.

Tilting table (opt.)

Hydraulically powered, with safety micro switches.
Max slab depth loadable 1900 mm.

Denver Tecnika


This is a true 5 axis interpolated CNC saw

X DRIVE is the DENVER technology for the 5 axis heads. It makes use of high-rigidity motor support fork and precision gear boxes with zero backlash. This technology is controlled by an extremely advanced software called TOOL CENTER POINT which simply and continuously manages tool movements ensuring extreme precision and fast positioning providing excellent finishes with less passes. Absolute tool control provides simple and intuitive process programming with improved uptime and cost benefits.