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CNC work centers  

See Vancouver Glass install below.

Scan it and cut it, it’s that easy.

Krea Glass at Vancouver Glass

Small jobs and odd shapes are not a problem, the customer wants it and it is easy to supply with the Krea.


Krea Fit Glass

Denver Glass

Quota 3 &4 axis

Mid size CNC

Quota Glass  >>

Digit 5 axis CNC

Mid to Large CNC

Digit 5 axis  >>

Denver Advance

Vertical CNC

Advance  >>

Denver Vertigo

All in one vertical CNC

Vertigo  >>

CNC Waterjets

Waterjets  >>

KREA FIT Glass is a compact multi-functional CNC work center with 3 digital interpolated axes specifically designed for the small and medium size shop performing a large variety of jobs. KREA FIT Glass is also a perfect match for large glass shops seeking a high-yield work station specifically designed for outstanding lifetime efficiency. KREA FIT Glass can perform routing, edging, drilling, writing, edge-polishing, grooving and cutting to process a variety of products. Vanities, table tops, shower and interior doors, partitions, shop fitting elements, and furniture components are no problem for the KREA FIT.