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CNC work centers  

 Denver Quota 3 and 4 axis CNC work centre

Denver Quota Glass

Denver Quota Glass 3350/4200 is a multi-functional CNC working center with 3/4 digital interpolated axes. It features a powerful 11 kW air-cooled electro spindle specifically designed for outstanding lifetime efficiency. For maximum productivity and best shop floor utilization, Denver CNC machines are designed to dramatically reduce the floor space required. The ratio between worktable surface and machine footprint is excellent and tops any industry reference. Thanks to its advanced ergonomics and small footprint, it features a top class working area/machine footprint ratio allowing machining in a extremely reduced space. The machine is driven by a CNC OSAI control unit with axis controlled digital technology and run by a world renowned user-friendly software interface. With its available configurations, this CNC machine can perform: routing, edging, drilling, writing, edge-polishing, grooving, and cutting to process a large variety of products. These include: vanities, table tops, shower and interior doors, partitions, shop fitting elements, and furniture components.